Week 1 recap

The 2011 Patriots began their regular season the way the 2010 patriots ended their regular season campaign. This one was as impressive as they come. Tom Brady looked as though he is on his way to having yet another all-pro season. Rob Gronkowski seems like he is going to be more of a weapon along with fellow tight end Aaron Hernandez. The Patriots looked last night like a team on a mission. If that is the case NFL beware.

The offensive line play for New England was spectacular all night. Brady was relatively untouched most of the night against a solid Miami pass rush. Dan Koppen’s injury could prove to be an issue for New England in the long run. Nate Solder lived up to first round potential in the first Monday Night game of the year. The rookie did not look as though he was phased by the bright lights of primetime. His performance was on the minds of many Patriot fans entering the game and I would think they were satisfied with the result.

Brady’s 517 yards is the most in an NFL game since 1996. He could not have been anymore spot on. He was not missing any throws, and in typical patriot fashion did not stop throwing until the final drive of the game. I only saw two negatives in this game from New England. One being Koppen’s injury And the other being the defense at certain points. Yes they made the stops when necesarry and the dolphins running game was ineffective but Henne threw for over 400 yards. Sure you can say it was in garbage time but, 400 yards is 400 yards no matter when it comes. The pass defense looked like it could be a glaring weakness for the pats in the upcoming weeks. I’m sure Belichek is already on top of how to sure this up before next weeks matchup with San Diego. They better figure it out quickly or it’s going to be an early season shootout next Sunday in Foxboro.

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