Game recap Week 2: Brady Flawless

Once again Tom Brady made this one look easy. The question after the week two matchup against San Diego has now become who is going to be able to stop this offense? Yes, it has only been two games. But, with that said they have looked as good as any offense ever assembled. The biggest difference is the use of the two tight ends, especially in the red zone. Getting the ball in the endzone once inside the 20 is no easy task, just ask the Jets. Having a tight end that creates mismatches on linebackers makes this easier. The Pats do not only have 1 but 2! Gronkowski already has 3 touchdowns in 2 games all of which have come in the redzone. Hernandez opened the scoring Sunday with a redzone touchdown as well. That makes 5 touchdowns for the Pats inside the 20 this season to their two tight ends, just remarkable. In addition to Brady carving up secondarys with ease, the run game has been respectable. It has been far from great but with a QB like Brady it only has to be decent.

The defense could still be better. The pass rush is virtually non existent for most of the game. This was an issue last season as well, and I do not understand why the front office has not made more of a concerted effort to improve it through the draft. The defense was not effective against the run either on Sunday. Outside of Mayo and Wilfork they defense does not have much to contain the run. Both these issues need to be addressed because if not New England could see Brady sitting on the sidelines for long periods of time because of teams being able to control the ball.

The Patriots travel to Buffalo for their first divisional matchup of the season Sunday. The Bills look improved, but I do not see anyway they can possibly slow down Brady. Look for another strong performance out of the all-pro QB, possibly even breaking the 400 yard mark again. The Bills will be able to put up some points and keep it close for some of the game but New England will prevail in the end. Final score prediction: NE 38-30 victory.

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