Pats Show Jets They are Still the Team to Beat

This game was set up to be a classic.  With The Jets winning 3 straight and the Pats loosing 2 straight going into Sunday night both teams were tied for first.  This game had a playoff feel to it.  Jet fans were hoping for a win so they could possibly win the division and actually host a playoff game.  But Sunday night the Pats showed why they are still the favorites to win the AFC East. 

This season is far from over but the Pats are looking very good now to once again take the division title.  Sunday night’s game was kind of a weird game.  It was actually close for most of the game and certainly closer then what the final score was.  It was a one possession game most of the way.  The Jets pulled within one score in the 4th but then it was time for Tom Brady to do what he does best. 

The Jets D could not stop Brady in the fourth.  New England also capitalized on some jets mistakes.  The dagger was late in the fourth when Sanchez threw a pic 6.  That sent my friends and I as well as most of the Jet Fans to the exit.  In just a couple days the Jets will head to Denver to face Tebow.  They have to shake this one off quick.  The Jets road in the playoffs now will be much harder.  But the Pats can’t let their guard down if they want to prevent what happened last season, and actually win a playoff game this year.

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