Who are the Pats Playing Again?

I thought the next game the Patriots played was versus the Broncos and Tebow? Tebow, what is one to say about that guy? Tebow, Tebow, Tebow…

Enough is enough, to clear the record the Patriots face the Washington Redskins today in Landover, MD. Yet, the media is trying to make us believe that this game doesn’t even exist and the only thing worth talking about is Tim Tebow, did you say Tebow! This absence of coverage shows the sad reality of today’s sports world, no one cares about the Redskins anymore…

Being a New England transplant in the Washington DC area I can’t help but notice that the Redskins are still here and to everyone’s surprise outside of DC, people still care about them.  True fanaticism has shown its face to me in this sports region. The Redskins stink, and they have stunk for years, yet the ‘burgundy and gold’ glimmer of victory still lingers in eyes of the Redskin faithful. Daniel Snyder’s money floods the region, bringing in big name has-beens to revel in mediocrity. The once great empire of the Redskins no longer stands; delusion or a bleak reality are all that is left for the fans to hold too.

If I was a Skins’ fan, I  would choose delusion too.


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