Brady the Bench Warmer

With the discomforting news that Tom Brady is dealing with a banged up shoulder on his non-throwing arm, the question must be asked, will Brady play Sunday against the Bills? In a game with potential playoff implications, a chance to secure the AFC’s top seed, the risk seems to be a complicated one. Tom Brady and the Patriots have been close to dominant at home over the past few seasons, so home field throughout the playoffs would certainly be a huge boost for the Patriots. Yet, is it worth it at the cost of further damaging Tom Brady?

To answer this question let us take a look back at last year. With a 14-2 record the Patriots secured the AFC’s top seed, but were tossed out of the playoffs in their first game in the divisionally round by their AFC East revivals the NY Jets. This game was lost not by poor play by the Patriots suspect defense, but by Brady himself. Brady looked lost and frustrated, unable to find his favorite targets. Therefore this result in last year’s playoffs with a Patriots team this season not much different fundamentally from last year’s team should act as a crystal ball for the ultimate key to the Patriots success in the playoffs, Brady.

Potentially risking what should be the goal for the Patriots team this season, playoff success, for a chance to beat up on the hapless Bills in the last game of the season is not a risk worth taking. For the Patriots to make a successful run in the playoffs a healthy Brady is the key. Take a seat Brady for the good of New England.


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