Aaron Hernandez Extended Until 2018

Photo by: Kellen Micah/ICON SMI

The Patriots announced on Monday, August 27th that they agreed to an extension with their dynamic tight end, Aaron Hernandez. Hernandez, who is often overshadowed by Rob Gronkowski, is easily one of the best tight ends in football, and one of the most difficult receivers to cover as a result of his speed and size. Last season Hernandez hauled in 79 receptions for 910 yards and recorded seven touchdowns for the Patriots, which pales in comparison to Gronkowski’s numbers, but is still the numbers of an elite tight end in the NFL.

Hernandez’s extension with the Patriots will pay him a guaranteed $16 million and an average of $7.5 mil per season between now and 2018. The $16 million in guaranteed includes the $12.5 million signing bonus that Hernandez received just for signing his name on the dotted line on Monday. The Patriots have some of the most difficult receivers to cover in the NFL, and with both Gronkowski and Hernandez now locked up, they will be dynamic duo that the league will have to try to defend for years to come. However, the Patriots are still only committed to paying Wes Welker the value of his franchise tag for the 2012 NFL season.

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