Patriots Look to Bounce Back Against Strong Baltimore Team

One thing many were not expecting this past Sunday was the fact that the New England Patriots would look as shoddy as they did.  Playing at home, many thought they would manhandle a weak Arizona Cardinals team that has been clouded in quarterback controversy,  This was not the case, however, and Arizona was able to squeak out a victory.  The Patriots look to bounce back from it this Sunday night, but they will have to go through a strong Baltimore Ravens team that is angry about their loss in the AFC Championship game they lost to the Patriots last year.

Where the Patriots misstepped the most this past Sunday was at the quarterback position.  Tom Brady, while having an overall good game, did not get his gears rolling until late into the game.  He was able to get 316 yards in total and a touchdown, but that was too little too late, and the Cardinals were able to take home the victory.  A lot of Brady’s problems came from the fact that one of his lead targets, Aaron Hernandez, went out with an ankle injury.  This limited the options of a quarterback that loves o osprey the ball around.  He eventually was able to hook up with Gronkowski in the end zone, but after a lot of struggle.

Speaking of struggle, the Ravens struggled all game this past Sunday in a loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.  They kept it tight, but just could not pull out the victory in a rough and fight ridden game.  Ray Rice was consistent but could not pull the entire weight of the team.  Joe Flacco looked awful and needs to tighten up his game if they want to win in Primetime this Sunday night.

In rematch of the AFC Championship game last year, the winner is anyone’s call, especially with how odd the games have been going this season.  SBRForums has all the information you need to make your NFL picks in week 3, especially for the Patriots VS Ravens.

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