Patriots Need Win Big Time In Week 4

Few thought the New England Patriots would have one loss this early in the season, let alone two.  They are at a 1-2 record on the season, however, and need a win big time in week 4 against division rivals the Buffalo Bills.  This will be a big signifier for whether the Patriots will be able to reach the playoffs this year.  If they cannot start racking up wins within their division, it could be a rough rest of the year for Tom Brady and company.

One aspect of the game this week that should leave Patriots fans with relief is the fact that break out running back CJ Spiller is out on injury.  That takes away one of Buffalo’s biggest threats against a Patriots team that is subpar at best.  With him out and the ball in the hands of Tashard Choice, New England will be able to pressure quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick more often and fluster him.  If they can do this, they will surely cover the -4 points they need to cover the NFL odds for the week 4.

They, however, need a big game for the Patriots offense as well.  Led by Tom Brady, this team has not looked as polished as in previous seasons, which could prove to be a problem in week 4 against a Bills team that loves to score.  Add to that the fact that tight end Aaron Hernandez is out with an injured ankle and things do not look so great for the Patriots.  They will need big games from both Rob Gronkowski and Wes Welker to keep up with the Bills offense this coming week.  If not, they could be looking at yet another loss.

Getting the ball moving as well as pressuring Ryan Fitzpatrick is the key to a decisive win for the New England Patriots in week 4.  They need this a great deal, too, so they do not fall behind in both the conference and their division.

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