Patriots Kick it into Gear in Second Half in Week 4

Things did not look good for the Patriots at the halfway point of Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills.  They only managed one touchdown and surely looked like they were on their way to their second loss of the season.  Something happened in the locker room during halftime, though, because they came out and had one of the best second halts in NFL history, managing a whopping 45 points.  If they can have this kind of play going forward, the Buffalo Bills will surely be a lock for your NFL picks from week to week.

Tom Brady looked absolutely marvelous in the second half of the game this Sunday in Buffalo.  Coming off two disappointing losses in a row, both of which that saw him only manage one touchdown each, he was clearly out to make a statement in week 5.  He did just that, too, as he threw for three touchdowns and had 340 passing yards at games end.  Things looked great for him late in theme, as he was able to get yards from both Rob Gronkowski and Wes Welker.

What really helped the Patriots stay strong and hold out for a victory in week 5 was their defense, however.  They held strong after a rough start to the game and managed to allow only one touchdown in the second half as opposed to three in the first.  This was all while the Pats were getting touchdown after touchdown at the Bills expense.  They looked insane in the 3rd and 4th quarter and were clearly looking to send a message to the rest of the league.

The Patriots, despite such a decisive victory this past week, have a rough game ahead of them at home this Sunday against the Denver Broncos.  With a -7 points spread for the game, too, they are an incredibly risky choice on your parlay bets for the week.  Pick them if you wish, but know that Peyton Manning can still score points when he needs to.

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