Does Bill Belichick have enough “no” men?

In the last few days, the New England Patriots have lost two coaches with many years of coaching experience. More specifically they lost two men, Dante Scarnecchia and Pepper Johnson, who spent a combined 28 years coaching with Bill Belichick in New England alone. All due respect to George Godsey, who left for Houston, but he was here two seasons. So to break it down, every season that Bill coached as head coach in New England, two of the mainstays (Dante and Pepper) were here and now they’re gone. Yes, I understand they wasted no time replacing Scarnecchia with Dave Deguglielmo, a former Jets, Dolphins coach. Also, a guy who was out of the league this past season. There is one coach left from Bill’s staff since the beginning, that has been here through it all and has not left for “greener” pastures and that is Ivan Fears. Josh McDaniels has been here a while, but hes also coached for two other organizations in recent years (Denver Broncos, St.Louis Rams) and interviewed for a third.

So with these current coaching departures, has Bill lost men in the room who feel comfortable enough to tell him no? I mean, I am obviously not in the room, ever, but it cant help when you lose a combined 28 years of coaching. I believe it is important, to have a winning organization to have a coaching staff that exchanges in give and take, when it comes to decisions being made. So going forward, is it time to be bold with a coaching hire? As of now, there are two openings (TE and LBs), that we know of, of course. When it comes to Tight ends, who knows, I dont think anyone knows. However, when it comes to LBs, one name does come to mind, who happens to be a coaching “Free Agent”…Greg Schiano! I will be the first to admit, that he made for a terrible head NFL football coach, at least from a far. But, clearly Bill respects him, because in recent years, there has been a clear pipeline from Rutgers to Foxboro. Besides his head coaching positions at both the college level and NFL level, he has held other positions on the defensive side of the ball. He clearly has the respect and admiration of Bill, and with respect maybe comes a few no’s, so come on Bill, be bold and hire Greg. I mean what do you have to lose…another playoff game?

Replacing two coaching mainstays, will not happen overnight, but now is as good a time as any, to try and be bold doing it.

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