Bitter Rivals of the New England Patriots

Seasons come, seasons gone – the New England Patriots have always tried to present their top game no matter the opponent on the gridiron. Still, football is a game with a lot of history, and due to its presence throughout the years, some of the Pat’s opponents have become more distinguished than others.

The Patriots are a strong competition to have, but there are a few teams in the NFL willing to work extra hard when challenging them. These are the rivalries that have evolved and remained prominent up until present time.


Indianapolis Colts

During the merger of the two leagues, the Colts were one of the teams that had been rearranged in the same division as the Patriots. Back in the older days, it didn’t seem like an issue, considering both teams were scoring low and ranking even lower. Nonetheless, such a shift may have been the fire that lighted the rivalry flame.

At present, each of the teams boosts excellent players, and above all quarterbacks. The ultimate feud arises from the rivalry between the Colt’s Peyton Manning and the Patriots’ Tom Brady, nowadays regarded as the best players ever. Their constant competition on the gridiron is enough to make live betting odds go wild, whereas their off-court rivalry has even made fan clubs turn on each other.


Oakland Raiders

It’s more than just individual rivalry with the Raiders – it’s definitely personal and related to two certain Super Bowl titles. Namely, this argument between the Raiders and the Patriots dates back to 1976, when the undefeated Raiders suffered their first loss from the New England team. However, they returned the favor in the second match-up and went on to win the Super Bowl that season.

Fast forward a few decades, in 2002, the Raiders once again faced the New England Patriots, and were a definite win in everyone’s eyes until the final minutes. At that time, Brady made use of the lesser known tuck rule to gain possession of the ball (which he had lost) and scored just enough for a tie, thus requesting overtime and beating them. This time, the Patriots were the ones to win the Super Bowl title.

Although many more clashes are bound to come, these are the ones that lit the flame, for sure.


New York Jets

Patriots vs. Jets is as old a rivalry as the game itself. It started with their apparent rivalry due to belonging in the same division and runs all the way through the closeness of their stats and their fan base contradictions. Their constant ‘exchange’ of players and trainers is just as apparent, but their rivalry is ultimately focused on a game that qualified them for the play-offs. After a tie result, the Patriots dominated the most part of the match-up, but a turnover from the Jets ‘projected’ them to victory.

Following games have since been marked by the fiery desire for mutual revenge which is looking for room to explode.

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