It’s time for the Patriots!

It is no surprise that everyone (literally) in England supports their team, the Patriots through thick and thin. This is made quite evident in the Patriots’ Victory Parade, supporters gather in huge numbers to support their team. If you aren’t playing online casinos after reading a Borgata casino review, we are sure you are looking at the New England Patriot games.  

Victory Celebration

The 2019 victory parade was no different, the Mayor of Boston himself made a public announcement via a tweet to ‘fire up the duck boats ‘. In no time after the grand victory over the LA Rams in the 2019 Super Bowl did the questions start coming up for the time and venue of the parade. With a turnout of no less than 500,000 to a million fans, this year’s parade confirmed that the people love the Patriots and the Super Bowl.

Team Check

With the 2019 Super Bowl Julian Edelman is the season LIII’s MVP, he scored 10 catches for 141 yards receiving end.

Tom Brady has previously referred to Edelman as his younger brother and with both on the team, it is ensured to win. The next league NFL season begins in March 2019 with the Patriots as Defending Champions of the Super Bowl.

Expected Roster

With an experienced and enthusiastic line-up, the team is in great form so far.

The team is strong with Tom Brady and Brian Hoyer as Quarter Backs, Rex Burkhead, Julian Edelman, and Rob Gronkowski in the team. This NFL is going to be tougher for other teams as the Super Bowl Champions are stronger than ever and in the best shape ever.

The Patriot Dynasty

The team has been under the wing of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick from 2000s NFL season. The Tom Brady and Bill Belichick era are what the fans love to call the team since then. The Coach and the Quarter Back are the best in their positions in NFL history and are committed to leading their dynasty to triumphs.

Bill Belichick guides the Patriots from 20 years now and has led them into 9 Super Bowls now. Currently, they have a streak of entering 3 consecutive Super Bowls, out of which the Patriots have successfully conquered 6.

Team Summary

The Patriot line-up seems impressive and fans cannot wait to see the defending champions this NFL season. With quarterbacks, wide receivers, tight ends, and defensive linemen all decided, the team looks dangerous for other NFL participants.

Their rivalry with the Jets can cost the Jets this season if the Patriots remain as consistent as last season. The Patriots are currently tied for the greatest number of Super Bowl wins (6) with the Pittsburgh Steelers, this NFL season the Patriot fans are hoping to break the record. With their winning strategy and confident line-up, let’s see if the Patriots make it to the fourth consecutive Super Bowl next year.  

How do you think will the Patriots do? Let us know below.

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