The 2019 Expectations from the New England Patriots

Last season was not all bad for the Patriots; they were undefeated at home. No other team had this accomplishment last year, but the New England Patriots are not your average team.  Sure, you can spend your time playing the iLottery bonus, but did you know that you can do more?

And you can do it without losing track of how the New England Patriots are doing – we will take a look at what fans expect from their team this year.

The Top 2019 Expectations

Fans are expecting a brilliant season from the Patriots this year after the heart-wrenching end last time. Even after a tough game, they ended up 33-41 against the Philadelphia Eagles, who admittedly had a great season. The Patriots ended up in second place after all the struggle and the Eagles won their first trophy.

The Eagles were admirable but let’s be honest, they got lucky. However, that won’t be the case this season, the team up against the Patriots is sure to get blown away by the Patriots. Even if they lose the game will be impressive, that’s for sure.

This season with the 3-5 record and the Arrowhead Stadium ready if they make it to the finals the Patriots must bring in their A-game.

Weekly Competition

Devin McCourty, the Patriot’s free safety, let slip that the Patriots follow a week-to-week strategy after their win against the Buffalo Bills last season.

What is Week-to-Week Strategy?

It is a strategy that makes every game count for the Patriots, they play every game to win as if it’s the final. At that time in the season, the record does not matter if you lose. The week-to-week approach lets the Patriots focus on their games every week giving them perspective. According to this tactic they play to win every game they play, including the final.

The 2017 Champions

After the emotional season last year and an 8-0 feat at home, the expectations raised among the Patriot fans for 2019. The Gillette Stadium remained undefeated previously and the Patriots will go to great lengths to do the same this year.

Nothing comes between the New England Patriots and that trophy this time is what we expect. With the week-to-week mentality, one thing is guaranteed, every game will be stunning. The 2017 Champs being the runner-up from last year will get a lot of attention from the crowd.  

Play to Win

The Patriots, this time around, leave no room for mistakes and aim to make every game count. They are sure to bring in their A-game after losing last year to the Eagles.

Comparing to last season’s start and the spectacular end anything is possible for the Patriots. They are only the third team to appear in 3 consecutive super bowls and are keen to maintain that streak.

This season you can expect to see a great comeback from the Patriots and with their attacking strategy other teams must watch out. The England Patriots promise their fans a fantastic season and possibly another trophy to cherish this year.

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